We are working to cool our planet by 0.4°C

is a leading cause of global warming

Addressing Methane
is the fastest way to cool our planet

Methane (CH₄) is the second-most common greenhouse gas – accounting for 25-30% of global warming. Each methane molecule is 86x more potent than a CO2 molecule (for a time period of 20 years)

Until now, there has been no way to speed up the removal of methane from our atmosphere

Gross Greenhouse Gas Warming chart

Our solution
clears the air of

How it works

Based on a unique catalytic process, Carbon Twist’s solution effectively removes methane from the air in various settings, including cow sheds, gas leaks, coal mines, and landfills.
For example, in the case of livestock, a compact device is designed to be installed on the top of the cow-shed. The device will suck the air, breaks down the methane and direct the resulting molecules away.

The process has an important side-benefit: by increasing the air circulation it improves the air quality inside the cow-shed, without directly involving the farmer.







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